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Some of our most important policies are summarised here: –

Safeguarding and Child Protection

We review and refresh staff training regularly. The headteacher, deputy head and community coordinator are all Designated Managers for Child Protection. If we are concerned about your child we will talk to you as quickly as we can about our worries. We may need to inform other agencies about those concerns and would always prefer to do this with the parents’ consent. Wandsworth Borough Council provide a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub and we may need to ask them for advice about our concerns before talking with you. Our policy is to undertake an Early Help Assessment for your child with your help.

You can come and talk to any member of staff about a concern about your own child or another child attending Eastwood or using any of our services. They will put you in contact with one of the Designated Managers as quickly as possible. You should notice Eastwood Safeguarding Posters in most rooms across the Centre.


Children for Eastwood Nursery School are admitted according to the processes and criteria laid down in the ‘Choosing Nursery Education’ book published by Wandsworth Borough Council. You can contact the Nursery School Office on 0208 876 3976 or email admin@eastwood.wandswoth.sch.uk.  or visit the Council’s Famliy Information Service website for more information

Our Day Nursery Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. You will need to provide a non-refundable deposit to secure a place. Please telephone the administrator on 020 8876 3976 for more information or email edn@eastwood.wandsworth.sch.uk

If you are looking for a free 15 hours early education place for a 2 year old then you will need to apply through Wandsworth’s 2 year old team on 0208 871 5544 to check eligibility and availability. We take as many 2 year olds as we can each year. You can express a preference for a 2 year old place with us and we will notify you if we have one available.

Places in our Resource Base for children with social and communication difficulties are allocated by a Council-led Panel. An assessment by a speech therapist is normally the most basic requirement for this process to begin.

Transition, home-visiting and Settling

We all want children to settle quickly and happily into Eastwood. It is most important that you come and visit with your child before deciding if Eastwood is the best place. Tours are generally on Friday mornings but other times can be arranged. Phone 020 8876 3976 or email admin@eastwood.wandsworth.sch.uk  to book a place.

Home Visiting

Wherever possible and practicable we will offer a home-visit a few days before your child starts. This will make a big impact on their ability to settle quickly and calmly. Each child has an allocated ‘key person’ and having met them in their own home helps the child to be confident to be with them when they come to start. We do understand that home-visits are not always practical, especially for working parents so our approach is very flexible.
We do ask that all parents or carers attend for settling sessions. This helps your child to be comfortable at nursery and helps you to get a feel for life at nursery. This small investment in time now will ensure your child gets the most from their early years education. Your Key Person will liaise with you and agree with you a settling plan which can be reviewed daily depending on how well your child settles with us.


All 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 year olds are entitled to 15 hours a week of nursery education from the term after the 3rd (or 2nd where eligible) birthday. However we will work with you to ensure that your child builds up to these hours so that they, and you, are confident and happy, throughout the session.

Wherever possible we admit only a few children on any one day. This is to give them space, attention and time to settle in and for us to communicate effectively with you. We aim to get them up to their complete allocation of hours as quickly as possible and will work closely with you to do so. Again we understand the needs of working and studying parents and take this into account when working with you on a settling-plan.


Many of our children make one or more transitions whilst they are with us; from baby room to toddler, from toddlers to pre-school or Maple and Beech (our nursery school classes). In most cases this will involve a change of key-person. For this reason we update our assessment records and ensure key persons meet to plan the transition and ensure the experience is a happy one for everybody!


There is no uniform at Eastwood as there is plenty of time for that when children start primary school! We simply ask that children attending Eastwood nursery…

  • Have clothes that they can manage themselves as far as possible with their name in them
  • Wear clothes that no one will mind if they get wet or grubby in the day
  • Avoid jeans (as they are hard for children to manage independently) and instead come in joggers or shorts
  • Once walking, have a pair of named water-proof wellington boots and a named raincoat that are at nursery every day
  • Have plenty of spare clothes in a named-bag (especially pants, socks and jogging bottoms)


A prime area of learning is Personal, Social and Emotional Development and issues of behaviour are taken very much in the context of children learning about their own needs and the needs of others. We avoid ‘rules’ at Eastwood and instead talk to children about feelings, positive behaviours and things that can upset others as learning opportunities. If a child has become upset or harmed as the result of another child’s behaviour we will explain what happened and how we managed the situation to you as quickly as we can. If we need to really focus on an aspect of your child’s personal, social and emotional development then we will work in partnership with you to try and ensure consistency between home and setting or group, for example by starting a ‘social story’ with you and your child. We can only involve another agency with your consent and would normally work with you to complete an Early Help Assessment first.

If you are using one of our drop-in services such as an Outreach Play Session, the Toy Library or a group such as Move and Sing then you must supervise your child and take responsibility for their behaviour. Eastwood staff and partners running those sessions will be very happy to support you but will emphasise your role in this.


The Governors have adopted the Wandsworth Council Complaints procedure.

If you have a concern then please follow this simple procedure; raise the concern with your child’s key person to see if the issue can be addressed and put right straight away.

If you continue to be concerned please talk to the relevant room leader, class teacher or senior manager – Deputy Headteacher (Nursery School); Community Coordinator (Day Nursery) or Business Manager. Any staff member can be initially contacted through the contact addresses at the bottom of the page.

If you feel your complaint needs to be further escalated then please write to the headteacher who will investigate and respond formally to your complaint in writing and/or meet with you.

If you wish to escalate a complaint further or wish to complain about the headteacher please take the matter to the Chair of Governors marking any letters or emails as Private and Confidential to the Chair of Governors and use the Nursery School contact details below. The Chair’s response is final.

Attendance and Punctuality

We all want children to make as much progress as possible and to really benefit from their nursery provision. If children are in receipt of publicly-funded  places or using a creche place as part of the children’s centre programme then our attendance and punctuality policy applies: –

At Eastwood we aim to develop the potential of every child. In order to do this we work in close partnership with parents and families. For your child to achieve and make progress in learning it is vital that they attend regularly and consistently. Excellent attendance rates give your child the very best start to education

Authorised Absence

There are times when your child may be authorised to be absent from nursery school for the following reasons

  • sickness (please do not bring your child in if they are unwell)
  • hospital, clinic, doctor or dental appointment
  • religious observance
  • unusual family circumstances

There is a simple application form to apply to the headteacher for an authorised absence in advance. These can also be used retrospectively. Holidays are not generally authorised absences. Please phone and leave a message if your child will not be able to attend on a day.

If your child is unwell then please do not bring them in. If they have been vomiting or have had diarrhoea then please keep them off for 48 hours from last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting to ensure that they will  not infect other children and the staff.

Unauthorised Absence

This is when your child is absent from their nursery place without us knowing why. In this case we will contact you to establish the reason for your child’s absence if we do not hear from you within three days. This helps us keep unauthorised absence to a minimum and helps us to fulfill our safeguarding duties.

Each term we analyse the pattern of attendance, the percentage of authorised and unauthorised absence and the reasons for any absences. We provide a report of attendances which is shared with the primary school that your child moves on to.


(Nursery School) In order to ensure that your child gets their full entitlement of hours then they should be at school and collected on time. If children arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of the session then they are late and the late book must be signed. We must record all late arrivals and early collections.

Whilst we do not encourage children to have any less than their full entitlement of daily hours we understand that you may need to collect children a little earlier to enable you to collect siblings from other schools in the area. Our early collection time is 2.55. If you collect your child at this early time more than 3 times in a week your child will have less than 15 hours of nursery education.


Your child’s key person will register them upon arrival so please make a point of telling the key person or another member of staff that your child has arrived.