Parents and Families

At Eastwood, family is at the centre of everything we do. Our families tell us that the most important things we provide are the following: –

  • “Eastwood as an extended family”
  • “Calmness, creativity and culture”
  • “Belonging and contributing”
  • “Providing opportunities in Roehampton”
  • “Making friends and connections
  • “support for everyday life as a parent”

Parents and carers are the most important people in children’s lives and their first, most influential and most significant educators. By providing services from pre-birth and bringing early education alongside health services and family-support we aim to provide a comprehensive service for families with young children in the Roehampton community.

Like parents, we have high aspirations for young children and aim to work in partnership with parents to respond to each baby or young child as an individual with unique interests, abilities, needs and personality.

Parent voice

We run a Parent Voice meeting on most Tuesday afternoons from 1.00PM. Come along to meet other parents from the local community and enjoy contributing ideas to shape our children’s centre services and programme.

Parent consultations

If you have a child attending Eastwood for nursery place then you will have the opportunity to come and meet your child’s key person at least 3 times a year. These meetings give you a chance to tell us about your perceptions of your child, their learning and development and this helps us in our ongoing assessment and planning. Each year one of these sessions will be for you to ask about your child’s latest report.

Parent workshops

Each term we provide a parent workshop looking at a different aspect of the curriculum, learning and development. Sessions are planned to link in with Eastwood’s Development Plan. Typically the workshops last for about an hour and half and include short talk, some activities and a chance to see the nursery rooms and classes in action.

Parent Governors

Our Governing Body has 2 places specifically for parent governors. Legally these must be parents of children attending Eastwood Nursery School at the time of being elected. The Governors are keen to involve parents of children using other Eastwood services and so can appoint other parents onto the board as ‘co-opted’ governors.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers are very welcome at Eastwood. Our policy is to ask regular volunteers wanting to work directly with children to undertake a DBS check and provide references. Opportunities are generally with our Children’s Centre Programme.