Blossom Class

A warm and exciting welcome is in store for babies in our newly decorated and bespoke environment. Our experienced team helps the very youngest Eastwood Children to learn through play, painting, looking at books, exploring the world around them and talking. Even at this very young age our focus is on learning and we work hard to promote the babies’ communication, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. The children have stories read to them frequently throughout the day, have access to a range of sensory experiences, are always keen to look after their pet Guinea pigs and love joining in with all the different songs that we sing. As well as this they engage in experiences around early mathematical concepts and cultural celebrations. Each term the Team writes a new curriculum plan which is sent home to parents so you can see how the curriculum will develop for your very young child! We also keep parents fully informed through daily feedback and weekly emails about all the excitement that’s been going on.

The Blossom Class has its own nappy-changing room, separate sleep room and lots of play-space. Heuristic play is one of Eastwood’s specialities and you will see treasure baskets around for children to learn through sight and touch and exploring natural materials. The children also have access to a challenging outdoor space with sandpit, slide and planting areas.

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Oak Class

When our youngest children are ready for the next stage of their adventures they move on to our exciting Oak Class with more advanced play, mark-making, imaginative play, block-play and an exciting book area for listening to stories and enjoying being part of a group. A careful balance of adult-led group activities and play ensures that there is plenty of interest. Children take part in weekly sessions of JABADO, developing their creativity through movement and understanding of instructions. The children also have direct access onto a large outdoor area with challenging climbing equipment, sandpit, mud kitchen and is home to our very own pet chickens. As with all children attending nursery at Eastwood, your child has a key person who meets with their manager regularly to talk about the progress of each and every child so we can ensure they are all enjoying and achieving through their play. Throughout the day the children follow an exciting and child friendly routine which encourages their independence and provides opportunity for small adult led group experiences, such as weekly cooking sessions.

Oak Class also offers a range of sessions for children attending on an Early Education Childcare Provision place. These include 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions as well as an option for 2 full days.

For more information and to find out if you are eligible for a free 2 year old place contact the 2 year old team on 0208 871 5544. Or visit the Children’s Centre

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Cedar Class

Cedar class caters for our older children from 3 years through to children ready to go to primary school. A wide range of opportunities for learning through play are available both inside and out. The  children join a daily Key Group Time for focused talk, games, investigations and activities. The children benefit from a carefully planned curriculum focused on extending child initiated learning that covers early reading and writing, mathematics and science. The children learn about data-handling, fractions, calculation, mental maths, fair-testing, simple chemical reactions, height, weight, time… the list goes on!
Our very own outdoor play space is large and all-weather. Our outdoor space encourages children’s learning to be extended and scaffolded outdoors. It provides challenges for children’s physical development and our outdoor play house encourages lots of imaginative play. All our children also get the opportunity to go out on Forest School outings and other visits into the community

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