Childrens Centre

Eastwood Children’s Centre

At Eastwood Children’s Centre we provide a wide range of activities and services that focus on parents and carers supporting their  child’s learning and development. Children and famillies can have fun, play with other children, sing songs and listen to stories in our play sessions

Learning is not just for the children! Eastwood offers a comprehensive programme of courses for parents and carers covering language skills, family learning programmes, accredited courses and some fun practical workshops as well!

Our programme includes a range of clinics and advice drop-ins for parents provided by our partners in the Health Team – Midwives, Speech and language therapist, CAMHS and Educational psychologist.

We provide more targeted support where parents and families need some extra support through our Outreach workers and a wide range of courses  taught by members of the Children’s centre  team, others by our multi-agency partners) are offered ov free crèche facilities are provided for most of the courses. See our programme or talk to one of our team for more details.